Remedial classes

Supplementary educational work is a mandatory activity of elementary school intended for students who occasionally or permanently lag behind in learning and do not achieve success due to justified absence from school, bad psycho-physical and mental development or inadequate social conditions in which they live.

Remedial classes will be organized 1 hour per week in the subjects in which students did not achieve success. Remedial classes will include students from 4th to 9th grade.

Teachers hand over the work plan of remedial classes to the pedagogue.

Additional classes

Additional classes will be organized for students who achieve above-average results in teaching and show great interest in certain teaching areas.

Additional classes will be held by 1 hour per week. Additional classes will be organized for students from 1st to 9th grade. The teacher in additional
classes will act as mentors and work organizers who direct and encourage the activities and creativity of students, initiate work, suggest a work program and take care of the scientific content of the work.

The teacher works with the group, selects students for the school and state competition and the Knowledge Olympics.

Advisory work with students and teachers will be performed by the school pedagogue.

A student can attend additional classes in only one subject.

Teachers hand over the work plan of additional classes to the pedagogue.